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Matthew Sohn
Health Insurance Advisor
Licensed Insurance Broker CA 0D68492

Individual and Family

Employee Benefits
Retiree Health Plans
Churches and Non-Profits

  • Medical ~ Dental ~ Vision
  • COBRA Alternatives
  • Medicare
  • Service and Claims
  • Find Doctors and Specialists

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Matthew Sohn
(408) 384-8150
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By combining experience and expertise in the following Practice Areas,
You will find the optimum plans and rates for your coverage goals.


Being OVER-INSURED means you are paying for coverage you won't use.
Being UNDER-INSURED means your coverage has too much financial exposure.
Finding the OPTIMUM COVERAGE means the right coverage at the best price.
A custom PLAN DESIGN PROCESS gives you THE SHORT LIST of possible options.

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Pacific
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